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Community Advancement

CARE, Community Advancement for Roslyn and Eden, was started in September of 1998. The organization was formed after a series of meetings about economic concerns from flooding in the area. Government agencies met with the group for a period of months to discuss problems and possibilities. After these meetings, a group of concerned citizens agreed to continue meeting and promoting our community. A non-profit organization was formed. The members are volunteers and come from a broad spectrum of the community including educators, business people and homemakers.

 Some of the projects include: Association and recent ownership of the International Vinegar Museum; Assistance in house numbering in Roslyn and Eden to coordinate with 911 addresses; the Annual International Vinegar Festival; and involvement and implementation of the Horizons project.

Over the last few years CARE has also completed a number of other projects, such as:
• Study Circles
• Leadership Plenty
• Tree planting
• Donations towards a new playground
• Donations towards the softball fence
• Care packages to our service men and women over seas
• Improvements to the Community Halls/Fire Departments
• New light pole banners throughout the communities
• Paint SD projects