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Community Advancement

CARE, Community Advancement for Roslyn and Eden, was started in September of 1998. The organization was formed after a series of meetings about economic concerns from flooding in the area. Government agencies met with the group for a period of months to discuss problems and possibilities. After these meetings, a group of concerned citizens agreed to continue meeting and promoting our community. A non-profit organization was formed. The members are volunteers and come from a broad spectrum of the community including educators, business people and homemakers.

 Some of the projects include: Association and recent ownership of the International Vinegar Museum; Assistance in house numbering in Roslyn and Eden to coordinate with 911 addresses; the Annual International Vinegar Festival; and involvement and implementation of the Horizons project.

Over the last few years CARE has also completed a number of other projects, such as:
• Study Circles
• Leadership Plenty
• Tree planting
• Donations towards a new playground
• Donations towards the softball fence
• Care packages to our service men and women over seas
• Improvements to the Community Halls/Fire Departments
• New light pole banners throughout the communities
• Paint SD projects

Roslyn Main Street Revitalization

In 2022 CARE started the Roslyn Main Street Revitalization initiative.  A committee was formed from local community leaders who are working to address Roslyn’s declining main street, property blight and create space that cultivate community activities.  Plans include the professionally designed Veterans Memorial Park.  Watch the Roslyn Main Street Revitalization’s Facebook page for events and updates! CLICK HERE to visit our facebook page.

Veterans Memorial Park Plans